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About Us

Home-made Creations by Divergent Crafters

The Wonderland Market is, essentially, an online mall. Several artisans come together, working both individually and together to create a wide variety of products in a wide variety of methods and materials.

Our Story

The idea of The Wonderland Market came, from up-and-coming author Alice Wakefield -- who, yes, has an obsession with Alice in Wonderland. It began as just an image in her head, a historic/fantasy style market with stands that would offer a wide variety of wares that could often be found nowhere else. When Alice Wakefield started gathering other crafters to help her bring to life her own world and learned that they were all just like her -- individuals who struggled to maintain mainstream jobs but never lacked in creative inspiration -- The Wonderland Market started to become a real possibility, though in a different form.

Meet The Creators

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