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Eilis is an independent artist who works primarily in graphite, watercolor, and oil on canvas. Along with creating artwork for author Alice Wakefield, Eilis is an Illustrator who has recently been experimenting with the planning and design stages of creating her first graphic novel.

"My projects are like my artistic talents... vast and without limits. Each is my baby and I always give 100%, usually more, as they often tend to take on a life of their own.  After all, that's what it is all about. Art and Creativity have no boundaries.

My clients can surely test the waters and I am always up to the challenge. I love being able to help them to release their own visions and let me bring thoughts to canvas. It is a beautiful dance no matter how complicated the song. 

Every project, from the most complex graphic novels to the simplest single piece, all get my complete attention and commitment.  All direct communication is without charge. My prices are strictly for the materials and physical labor. I have found this helps to put my clients at ease, allowing them to communicate openly their visual expectations without monetary confinements.

When you become a client it is not just my goal to give you an amazing finish, but also to allow us to make the magic together.  The client's image is what started the whole process. I just have the privilege of creating what was hidden inside of them. It's a team effort we both bring into a brilliant creation."


Elisabeth Healy

Artist * Illustrator * Creator

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