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Easter Chicks

Well, we got them a little before Easter...but hey, we can't control when they're born! These little ones were given to us by a neighboring farm on April 7th. At the time they were between 1-3 days old. Our neighbor wasn't quite sure exactly which ones were how many days old, but based on their sizes, I'm pretty sure I have a good guess on each one.

Meet Copper, V, Sprinkles, Bandit and Vegas.

For anyone who doesn't already know this, I can 100% confirm, every soul has their own personality. Even the ones nobody really thinks about, like chickens! Copper, for example, has enough attitude for more than all of them. Copper's always bossing them around, but I'm doing my best to make sure they don't turn into a bully. I'm pretty sure Copper's the oldest at 3 days old when we got them.

Vegas, meanwhile, it's a total sweetheart. A little spunky sometimes, but mostly just likes to cuddle.

From now on, I'm going to make an update post every Friday about our little chickies, so you can all see how well they're doing, and I get to show off how cute they are! And while I'm here, I'll tell you the rest of the schedule I'm going to try to stick to.

Monday: farm animal information


Wednesday: wild animal information


Friday: new chicks update

Saturday: life on the farm


So, since it's Friday, and we've had the chicks for 1 week (and 1 day), here's the update!

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but they've gotten so much bigger. They're getting a lot more social and curious too. They've started coming over to stand on my hand if I lay it down flat, and letting me pick them up that way sometimes. They're also exploring a lot more when they're let out of their tub.

Their little wing feathers are starting to grow in too. It's a little hard to see on the black chicks, but can really see it on Copper, who's tiny feathers are have beautiful markings on them. Their personalities are coming out more and more too as they feel more comfortable here, so we've seen a few strange little quirks coming out! V likes to stand in the water dish while they drink, and we found Bandit sitting on top of water jar just last night, playing king of the tub! (Or queen)

Fun Fact: It's impossible to tell what gender a baby chicken is when their born, without getting invasive.

Photo Credit goes to TaigaTaiga Photography

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