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Life Balance Bridges

Where the Health and Life Coach Transformational Journey Begins.

Today's world is full of challenges and can sometimes be hard to navigate. No worries, your Health and Life Coach is here to help you along the way. Together we can discover your path to success and happiness. Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? It is real, and so much closer than you may think. One-on-one programs are filling fast, so contact today for a free consultation, to see if we are the right fit for each other to start discovering

YOUR Total Transformational Journey together!

The Transformational Journey

Through the years, life can take us through many challenges and adventures,

teaching many valuable lessons along the way.

My name is Elisabeth Healy and I am Founder and Creator of 

Life Balance Bridges. The name speaks for itself.

My own journey has been long, showing me paths filled with turmoil,

while others held times of magical moments and stories untold.

Life can be tough. Sometimes it can be easy for us to lose our way.

That's okay. It happens. Give yourself grace.

The Universe has been reaching out to me for quite some time now,

teaching me about my calling, why I am here, and when to just be quiet and listen.

That last one was the hardest for me, without a doubt.

But now here I am,

present and ready to share my knowledge, my tools, my empathy, and my partnership.

Every day we grow stronger, even when we fall.

Life Balance Bridges

is a safe place.

This is a place of growth and empowerment,

meant for us all to share together,

encouraging each other and building life bridges along the way.

This is the place for you to remember that inner child,

the one so full of hopes and dreams,

ready to dance your way to great success and happiness.

It's still possible.

Those dreams have not gone away, just maybe got buried a little too deep.

Together we can find your way again,

build happiness and health from the inside out,

be held accountable, be present, and bring your best self to love, light, and success.

You've got this! --- and you don't have to do it alone!

Take the leap!

And So The Journey Begins...

Life Balance Bridges Logo.png

The Transformational Journey to living your best life.

Opening the Relationship...

The first step is making sure we are the right fit for your journey. We will begin with a free 45-minute consultation to discover why, where, and what your path is to your personal transformation. Everyone has their own path, unique to their own self. If we are not a good fit, Life Balance Bridges will be happy to give you some suggestions for another path that may be a better fit for you at this time.

To schedule the first steps to your transformational journey, see the contact information below.

*** Free with and with no commitment from you ***

The 90-Day Transformational Journey

This program is like no other. Together, we take your health and well-being and transform them into a healthy and successful lifestyle to help you to achieve all of your hopes and dreams. This is a lifestyle change. There are no fancy diets, no gimmicks, no "special" products to buy. This is a lifestyle to create.

This 90-day program includes 12 one-on-one sessions together through today's modern technology. Once a week, we will meet for 45 - 60 minutes, checking in, making new discoveries, and learning new tools and resources to help you with your journey. I will also be available as needed at any time via email, text, or call.

Remember, Life Balance Bridges is your biggest supporter. The support system is real.

*** One-time fee and/or payment plans are available to work best for you. ***

Start creating your vision today with
Life Balance Bridges

Elisabeth Healy

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