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Alice Wakefield

It started out as a distraction. A way to distance myself from public school and the terrible people within it. It started with one girl, barely a character, thrown into a gap I created in a story written by someone else. But over time, that one girl revealed herself more and more to me. Told me her secrets, her past. Introduced me to her brothers and

sisters, her allies and enemies -- her world. Until I

eventually fell down a rabbit hole I may never

climb out of.

Japanese sakura_edited.jpg


Hidden behind the Veil of what most people think they know is a whole other side of the universe. Worlds filled with magic and impossible creatures. In some of these worlds, people and creatures are free to do as they please, be who they want to be. But in some, Warriors, Knights and Soldiers fight over whether or not magic should exist.

The Punishment's sole mission is to wipe magic from the world. Children of the Punishment are not told the fairy tales most are -- they're taught instead that magic is dangerous, and those who wield it are bloodthirsty monsters who exist only to destroy.

The Fa'e are everything you read about in the myths, legends, fairy tales and fables. Their world is the one of fantasy, where anything is possible and people live free of judgement and the social restrictions that plague those outside their community.

On the Outside of it all are the people who no longer believe in magic, but whose lives are affected by it far more than they could ever imagine. Some day, they might find out.

This is the universe I write about. Stories unraveling, telling the tales of the magic most people can't see and the people who stay hidden. The majority of what I write is fantasy, stretching across a wide variety of other genres -- horror, romance, steampunk, historic...there's really no limit to what I write. Except maybe my own typing speed.

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